Fish pond

Wooded environment for

your relaxation

At Cedar Spring Trout Fishing of Cascade, WI, you are surrounded by nature. It provides the perfect environment to enjoy peaceful fishing. We offer you several ponds in which you can fish.


$8.75 per pound of fish.

While you pay per

pound of live catch,

we clean and pack your fish on ice for FREE.

Day-long fishing trips

Spend the day fishing. Because you are guaranteed to catch a fish, you can easily make your meals on our picnic grounds. You can also get your fish cleaned and filleted by us if needed. With campgrounds throughout the area, we offer you a great trip.

Easy trip for the whole family

Your family and friends can easily enjoy a fishing trip at Cedar Spring Trout Fishing. We offer you rental equipment, fish preparation for cooking, and fishing lessons. You don't need a license to fish at our facilities.

Filled with rainbow trout, our ponds are easy fishing for you and your group. We provide a great place for gatherings of all kinds.

Stocked Trout Fish Ponds

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Cascade, WI

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